The Bellarmine Field needs watering

Today, two days before National Hugging Day, is the declaration of Non-Friendship Day!

Jason‘s “hugging” the camera, Sasha’s hugging Jason, who’s hugging Sasha?… Why it’s her imaginary friend, Tootsie.



My readings in Media Law inform me that my caption infringed the copyright of “My Bestfriend’s Wedding” because I have taken the heart of the line and copied it nearly verbatim with only minor alterations. However, my copying does not really affect the market value of the original since I only get approximately 150 readers per night as opposed to the movie’s box office rating. 

2 responses to “The Bellarmine Field needs watering

  1. theweatherstore

    huh.. what does your post title have to do with what’s actually written?? HAHAHA

    …oh this is an old post na pala 😛

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