Fireflies in a jar

I used to collect fireflies when I was in Grade 5 but I stopped when I realized that they looked so much better flying and twinkling in the sky than in my tiny jar. 

Thanks for this picture Dino!


List of rants for today:

1. I hate two of my teachers–my blood boils every time I see them. I’d rather eat brussel sprouts than attend their classes and leave without taking anything in.

2. Stranger, please do not ask me to help you launch your modeling career. I haven’t done that in the longest time and that’s a closed chapter in my past. You’re just creeping me out with your weirdFacebook messages. And no I will not ask you to model for Candy.

3. My reading in Media Law made me realize that we are all pirates and criminals of Copyright infringement.

4. My formator is (adjective deleted at the request of a concerned reader) densely unaware of the ongoings of our immersion. How dare you say we didn’t interact with the community (and to the other immersion groups nonetheless)? You just slept the afternoons away while we met with our families. Don’t act like you know something when you don’t know anyyyyything–and you were even there when we had our culminating night and our afternoon inuman with the Barangay Kagawads and Captain. Besides, how far would interaction go if they’re all asleep?You said so yourself, they work in the morning and sleep in the afternoon! Bejezeez! Don’t dare ruin this for us you person-who-everyone-thinks-is-the-secretary-of-osci!

5. I want a pizza. I have no more money. 😦

5 responses to “Fireflies in a jar

  1. Look at the bright side of life! >:D<

  2. i want yellow cab. 🙂

  3. there’s sbarro in the caf
    you libre me

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