I miss you already, Remedios II

I think it sucks that I’m using this blog to procrastinate for my least favorite subject, Media Law but I promise this will be the last time that I do that. Writing this entry also gives me an excuse to forget thoughts of running away, intentions that won’t make anyone happier, and evil comebacks I keep biting my tongue for. 

There I was thinking that farmers were grimy, dirty no-nothings. Here I am–I gladly stand corrected. My immersion area, Remedios II, is a place where farmers and taga-copra reside. It’s two steps down from a town and three steps up from forest cave. Everyone was so warm and friendly, even those who weren’t able to take in noisy strangers into their houses who would shamlessly scarf down their food and use their mattresses for three days and two nights. Forget my nightmares of peeing and pooing in random spot on the field, forget my presuppositions of smelly air, garbage, and disgusting food, I would have stayed there if I could.

1. Stargazing. This is my favorite cheap activity, although it’s futile to do this in the city. We stood under the literally thousands of stars, tolerating impending sore necks because we knew that it was a sight too magical to miss, something we rarely encounter. Unfortunately, stupid ole me forgot to bring my camera that night; i wish I could share the beauty for everyone but this would have to do.

2. Diving in the stream. I’ve swum in streams and rivers before but never in my life have I spontaneously dove in cold water without so much a towel, a change of clothes, or a mind clouded with illnesses I could possibly encounter from the possibly “contaminated” water. 

3. Become Henry Jones. One with the wild as we traversed through scary hanging bridges armed with heavy luggage and driven purely by nerve and determination.

4. Welcomed by strangers. I love my foster family and of course Jam, my roomie. They were sooo welcoming and Nanay Nelia was really a mother to us. She even watched us make fools of ourselves during the culminating night. I feel bad that we should’ve interacted with her more, especially when she waited up for us during our “campfire” night. >:D< Although, I really can’t imagine myself doing what she does–I can’t stay cooped up in the house and play doting wife–there are places to be explored and things to be done!

Our baby, Rinella

5. Gained two pounds from EXCESSIVE OVEREATING (the redundance is on purpose). Nanay Nelia kept giving us food. Everytime Jam and I return from our mini-adventures, she’d have merienda ready for us and just when we finish eating our snack, she’d have lunch or dinner out. It’s the first time I downed a glass of Milo in my entire life!

I love kuhol and suso and fish. I like simple food.


It makes me think about my priorities and everything I have. Doesn’t seem too important anymore. They proved that we can live even without lights, private bathrooms, Facebook, and a gas stove. I can’t say I was really immersed and that I want to be a farmer, but I think I took something from this trip that I’ll always bring forever.


I love the fact that I got to spend this immersion with Riza Piz (and my great immersion group).

8 responses to “I miss you already, Remedios II

  1. The simple life is the best! 😀 Walang acads acads! Hahahah 😛

  2. On a more serious note, I also admire these peoples’ contentment for what they have. 🙂

  3. awwww…. i miss remedios 2 too! I’m glad I had my immersion with you!

  4. astig! ngayon ko lang ito nabasa! shit. nakakamiss nga remedios. i’m really glad we got an awesome immersion area, a great community we met, and wonderful immersion mates 🙂 reunion! take care always.

    – the guy with the guitar and very short hair

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