Straight arrow

Ready, get set, go!!! I’m all cleared to go to immersion on January 8 and join the happy happy world of farming. I still find it quite amazing that my immersion area, Mauban, Quezon, is nearer to my province than to Manila. 

Before we get cleared for immersion, we needed to have a check-up, preferably at the infirmary to see if we were healthy enough to go. I felt like an awesome loser as I filled in the pre-medical check-up questionnaire; I listed some of the questions below. 

Do you smoke? NO

Do you drink? NO

Do you have a tattoo or piercings (apart from your ears)? NO

Do you use drugs? NO

Do you engage youself in sexual activity? HELL NO

Yes, there are still people like me. 

The doctor was so amazed at my straight-edgedness that he gave me a very comprehensive lecture on… wait for it, SEX EDUCATION. I now know that although most women prefer to use diaphragm, oral pill, and withdrawal, condoms are still safer to use in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) which are so prevalent nowadays. Some of the more common STDs are HIV and HPV; the latter can cause cervical cancer by the way. And whether you choose to spit or swallow, you can still get venereal diseases. Quite interesting.

After this very enlightening discussion which left me sort of drained, he proceeded to tell me that I needed to get my tetanus toxoid shot before Thursday afternoon since I was going to leave early Friday morning. If there’s a connection between sex and tetanus shots, tell me. I fail to see it. Sigh. But my surprise at his weird comments (at sex ed and my lurve life. He even wished me luck on my self-control) was redirected to my fear of needles. I just sat there shaking; I wanted to tell the doctor that I was willing to drink this type of shot haha. 😦 Thank God I didn’t feel a thing. 

Bajeezez. What a day of learning and lack of hugs. 😦 Off to pack for Mauban! 😀

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