Sasha is punch-drunk

Two days in school and I’m drowning in academic work bull-crap already. 😦 Don’t ask me why I’m blogging in the middle of academic strain–I have priorities, okay? This blog happens to be one of them. School (at this moment) is last on the list.

I’m finally able to finish my Theo orals (the one I’ve been slaving over the entire Christmas break) and I can safely say that I PASSED. Sir Lib told me that on my way out after threatening to fail me, saying that he was disappointed that I didn’t get an F, and asking me to explain how my outfit is related to Liberation Theology. Sir Lib’s such a joker.

And yes, I did try to make extra effort to look nice today (heels, dude) so that in case I flunk, at least I look good doing it. Plus, the key to having orals for a teacher with over a hundred students is to be remembered which explains my flailing hand gestures and weird comments during my exam.  I even asked Sir Lib if I could look at the wall behind him because seeing his goofy face makes me nervous. I only had one class anyway so it made wearing heels feasible.

Now that Theo’s over. I just have to realign my energy to Philo, Practicum portfolio (Sasha must remember to print and buy a CD), PolSci creative project, PolSci reaction paper, PolSci long test, Media Law, immersion. Shouldn’t be too hard, right?

And being a great friend, I also have to plan Riza’s and Ken’s surprise birthday parties (by request of the birthday celebrants). I think they got inspired by my surprise 18th birthday party two years a year and a half ago. It was AWESOOOME. It never occurred to me that we were entering a hotel room (not a restaurant). Yes, I am very dense.

I already know I look like crap. Don’t rub it in. Haha



3 responses to “Sasha is punch-drunk

  1. two months, sasha. TWO MONTHS.

  2. holy crap practicum portfolio. when is that due and what should be in it??? hahahahahaha -insert f-word here-

    • January 8!!! I texted you you din’t replyyyy! (But Globe sucks). Resume. cover letter, table of contents, weekly journal, time log, evaluation, final reflection paper, sample work!

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