Facebook sucks

I wasn’t an active Facebook user until this Christmas break. As a matter of fact, I detest signing in and out of social networking sites, slaving away to relationship status changes, replies to posts, pictures, and whatever else we’ve become chained to in those danged sites that promise better ties with our friends when in reality, they just give us an excuse not to see them (in person).

Okay, that’s what I wrote for my Candy article a couple of months ago only in a much nice, more Candy way. I hate how I sign in and out of Facebook (let’s forget Multiply, Friendster, MySpace, Plurk, and Twitter) about twenty times a day for updates as I precariously balance my little blocks of cyber-towers in Tower Bloxx. So today, and I’ve been threatening to do this since December, I deactivated my FB account just for the hell of it. I detached myself from the busy world of Facebook–like I took a vacation only there’s no trace of me ever being there to begin with. Think Agent J when he became part of Men in Black. Sad.

Anyway, I reactivated my account after 10 minutes. Sicko. I just wanted to make sure that I’m not a slave to it. 

A big ker-plunk to the the big baby in sunglasses for dragging me by the hair (in his own silent and emo way) to go back to Facebook.

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