Hello 2010

Last year I was able to:

1. Get rid of the negativity

2. Lose weight unconsciously

3. Go out

4. Eat isaw

5. Study my ass off

6. Grow out of a bad habit

7. Save the world 

8. Kiss a dog (interpret this as you wish)

9. Killed my deadly romance with soda

2010, inspire me to:

1. Be physically fit!

2. Eat greens

3. Save the world (you can only do too much)

4. Stop hitting people

5. Go aroooound the Philippines

6. Work my ass off

7. Reignite my love affair with Coke (as in Coca-Cola)

I’m leaving everything open-ended because I suck at resolutions. At least I’d be able to do most of these without worrying about specifics. As usual, Gloria Maris was a blur of red polka dots today. Only one dude was smart enough to actually wear plaid–welcome the bills, not the coins. 

My 20th year on earth better top this year. 

I love this picture! More photos of our Subic adventure from Jason and Mark. Photo taken without permission from the ever vain Jason Mariposa. 

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