FRIENDly advice for you

Dear Friend,

It pains me that I’m telling you this through my wonderful blog instead of personally which is what everyone deserves but then I realized 1) you skipped our annual barkada Christmas party, 2) at least here, you can read it over and over and over again until it gets through your pretty curly head. So here, I give you my unsolicited advice which you’ll hate, but like a good friend, I’ll force it anyway.

*Someone wise (who’s most probably dead) once said “if you love something/someone, set it/him/her free.”  

Then I guess it follows that, if you love yourself, set yourself free from the firm clutches of a person who does not appreciate how great you are. Now free yourself from your romanticized fantasies… that is, if you still love yourself.

And if you don’t, we do.

We even left a space out just for you.


Love you!!! 😀

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