It’s oooover

I would really throw my books and all my stuff in the air if I wasn’t too lazy to pick them up. My long test is done, my report is done. I still have a ton to do for the first week of next year but who cares? The point is, I’m finished with school for 2009 (pumps fists in the air)! Yes, my long test bit the big one; yes, my laptop failed me causing me to be rattled during my entire report; yes, people in my class kept asking stupid questions just for the recitation grade. BUT WHO CARES??? Okay, maybe I do a little. Still, I can finally focus on Christmas and the spirit of cheering and giving (pumps fists in the air one more time!)! 

Hence, in this season of generosity, I want to share to the entire cyberspace world (the five, six people who read this blog) the intangible happiness that I received today, despite the crappy academic failure that I had to endure. 


A tattoo–minus the pain and care of my face paints

I took this at the end of the day using a mirror as a guide so the writing is kind of blurred already plus the the shot is bad.

UPDATE: I didn’t write that, I don’t know how a person, unless he/she is a contortionist, can write on his/her own back. 


GIFT 2: 

I think it was a combination of Sesqui hangover, Philo, and finance that compelled him to do this. He‘s awesome like that.

Watch it on youtube too so that I’ll get hits for it! 😀

UPDATE: In my defense, I didn’t make him do anything! He just sent it to me and I thought the whole world deserved to see it! >:D<


I’ve been picking the pop beans and green peas off this large bag of Toby’s Mixed Nuts for two days now. You’d think people would have the decency to buy plain and crunchy green peas to make life easier.

14 responses to “It’s oooover

  1. bwahahah. Jason Mari-Chan :))

  2. I got bored while doing my theo paper hahaha


    IM SORRY BUT YOU’RE NOT GLEE MATERIAL. hahahhahahahahahhaa

  4. nagbabasa pa ng lyrics sa screen yan o!!!

    but please agree with me, best part yung sa start with the hand gesture pa! oh but wait, meron pa pala sa end na attempt. hahaha

    jason, ikaw na!!!

  5. ano mia labanan mo nga hahaha

  6. e ikaw na panalo para kay sasha.
    kahit anong mangyari. so i wont. iba na lang kakalabanin ko. hahahahha

  7. LOL, akala ko totoong boses, pero hinde! hinde!


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