Ah changes (part 1)

I was browsing through my stupid LJ again and I caught an entry on my favoritest favorite things… Hmmm.. Funny, I don’t even know why I like some of those anymore. Hence, in the interest of updating Sasha 101 in cyberspace, here are a list of my favorite things (no pun intended) as of December 15, 9:11 PM.

Animated Movie (CGI): Cars

Animated Movie: Aladdin

Movie: Gone with the Wind (I don’t care if it’s over 240 minutes of war and treachery)

Food: Italian and Mexican–hooray for carbo load!

Italian Food: Pizza (preferable Yellow Cab’s 4-cheese and/or Shakey’s Friday’s Special)

Mexican Food: Anything Taco Bell!

Superhero: Iron Man

X-Men (X-Man?): Storm

Planeteer: Gi

Anime Show: Woot! The ever-inspiring yet procrastinating Cooking Master Boy

Fruit: Grapes

Book Series: It’s triple tie among LOTR, Harry Potter, and Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants (hahaha, I do read the occasional chick lit)

Harry Potter Book: Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter Character: Hermione (I can relate to the whole goody-two-shoes thing)

Harry Potter Movie: NONE

LOTR Book: Return of the King

LOTR Character: Eowyn

LOTR Movie: Return of the King

Author: Hans Christian Andersen (yes, I believe in fairytales)

Song: Mary had a little rabbit

Place: Siquijor-I promote local culture… even if I’ve never been to Siquijor

Made-up Famous person: Santa Claus

Reindeer: Blitzen

Color: Yellow and grey

Clothes Brand: Top Shop and Kira Plastinina

I think I’ll finish this some other time. Hahaha…

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