Splitting headache

I hate dislike fireworks for the following reasons:

1. My sister’s near-death experiences with the damn things left me scarred and scared. As of date of blog entry, she’s had two accidents–both of them with me beside her! I’m through with the crying and the worrying!

2. Burning money. You burn thousands upon thousands of pesos for two seconds of sheer brilliance (okay, that’s not really a good reason).

3. In relation to number 2, I hate how fireworks end only when they’ve begun. Oh the analogies in life. 

BTW, I don’t mean those annoying noisemakers like Judas Belts and watusis (sic). I’m referring to the photo below, those beautiful showers of sparks.


Sasha is stalling in media law. Her head is spinning like a dizzy top with libel suits, freedom of the press, and personal anxieties. 

3 responses to “Splitting headache

  1. Good luck. 🙂

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