One Big Night

When I was impatiently waiting for my turn in the bathroom, I overheard two middle-aged women conversing. The look of happy surprise etched on their faces as they saw each other told me that it’s been years and they’ve developed crow’s feet some time in between; pretty soon, they were exchanging stories on their dogs and someone’s 23-year-old son who just broke up with his long time girlfriend. Swell, they could’ve gone on forever but a free stall finally opened up for one of them. 

The Sesquicentennial Big Night was filled with the merry cheer of half-drunk alumni as they sashayed in the stage much to the surprise of the perfoming artists. Scene stealers in the form of Mar Roxas and Noynoy Aquino took the audience’s attention away from the funny Mr. Shoo Li (sic). The (largely) blue crowd once again got a taste of Lia Cruz’s sarcastic and unfunny comments as she hosted. And like every major Ateneo event, we tooted our horn very very VERY loudly–I toast to school spirit without putting down the other school.

I know my description makes for a pretty exciting night (insert sarcasm here)–musicians, wild rockers, pretty girls, beer. But there I was, on the front row of celebrating history, doing nothing but watching over camera thingies and taking notes as I pondered how I was going to write about a concert. I think I yawned about 10 times and thought about going home before the night ended thrice. But as much as I love Jose Mari Chan, I found it pretty much… blah.

The thing is, we came to that reunion 40, 50 years early. The beauty of having a homecoming is that you get to reminisce years and years of memories, you notice decades worth of changes, you re-meet old friends and get to know them all over again. 

That wasn’t our party.

But at least I got to draw! A torn page from my school notebook.

Don’t comment! I know my artistry is beyond marvelous! 😐

I know my self-portrait is ugly and Jason’s… well, it kinda looks like him. It’s easier to draw a cartoonized version of someone if they already look like a caricature to begin with! 😀 >:D<

Fifty years from now, it’ll be our turn to dance to Hotel California!

3 responses to “One Big Night

  1. Asan ang FOOOOONY dito?

  2. I look like a caricature? haha 😐

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