UPDATE–That was my pathetic attempt to imitate the fire/earthquake drills we’ve been forced to comply to for the past week. I seriously think that drills are classic examples of the boy who cried wolf. We were immediately shooed out of our org room and forced to go to the field without so much as a few minutes to collect our laptops and bags. I mean, ordinarily I wouldn’t really rush for my things in the face of a real fire but c’mon, I bet opportunistic thieves were eyeing our things… (mean machine me yeah but this is the incredulous side of me speaking).

I am finally making a dent on my bucket list! Hooray for eating isaw in UP!!! Takaw namin. Unfortunately I don’t have concrete evidence that I actually ate chicken intestine because Jason hasn’t tumblred it so I don’t have any pictures to steal haha. 

But I have to put my bucket list aside for now… I really have to go Christmas shopping booooo. I usually do this on Novembers but December crept up like a thief in the night (seriously, where has November gone?) so now I’m off cramming. How unfortunate, the malls are going to be soooo crowded. As God is my witness*, I will shop for presents this weekend.


First half of the entry brought to you by yummy yummy UP isaw

Second half of the entry brought to you by dry writing mojo

*I acknowledge that I used this line from the 1939 film “Gone with the Wind”


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