My forgotten birthday

After three weeks of school, I have already come to the conclusion that Tearsdays suck. My first class, the most boring of the three, begins at 7:30 and by the time I reach 4:30 to 7:30 Speculative Fiction, I’m already dead from boredom with no energy to spare for the wonderful Isagani Cruz. I’d rather eat yucky squash than be in school for 12 hours.

After being dismissed early from SpecLit, I immediately went to Shakeys’ to reserve a table for our now weekly family dinner. Very much aware of their dismal service, I ordered ahead so that by the time my family arrived, the food would be ready. After 20 minutes, the mojos, the spaghetti, the chicken, and the bread basket came. But no family; I practically got a stiff neck from craning my neck at the entrance so much to see if they were already there. Looking very much like a pathetic wallflower, I ordered the pizza. Another 20 minutes passed, still no family and what’s worse, no pizza! I was sitting on a ten-seater table with a ton of food all by myself appearing like a friendless glutton. This is the part in movies where the girl was stood up and sad music plays in the background while the viewers sympathize. I never actually thought I would be that girl.

Anyway, I wasn’t stood up, thankfully. Finally mommy, achi, Ross, sachi, dichi, ahia, Peyton, and Helen arrive. Yada yada yada, dinner dinner dinner. It was a normal, magulo and maingay dinner when suddenly, the waiters behind me starting to sing “Happy Birthday,” their rendition complete with maracas and a tambourine. A giddy waitress even handed me an ice cream sundae while I sat there shell-shocked with my mouth hanging open. Everyone in our table bore this odd facial expression of laughter and confusion. 

When the staff was done with their performance, I couldn’t help asking one of them, “Umm… excuse me, whose birthday is it?” They just smiled slyly like they shared a big secret. Hahaha, the joke’s on them! The birthday celebrant, bless her soul, sat on the table in front of us. Sad to say, the good surprise was wasted on me but fortunately, the waiters didn’t take back the ice cream which Peyton already began consuming. Awww.


 Peyton is an outfit-repeater!

Everyone always orders the same thing in Shakeys–for individual orders, it’s always the Bunch Lunch thingy and for group, it’s always mojos, spaghetti, chicken, and some variation of pizza. 


Subpar entry brought to you by tardiness. Nothing irks me more than lateness in any form. Haha.

2 responses to “My forgotten birthday

  1. Some people repeat outfits… haha

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