There is a need for stringent cyberlaws in the Philippines

That’s pretty much what I wrote in my Media Law paper only I was able to stretch it into two pages of 1.5 spacing, Arial, 11-point nonsensical-law-jargon-turned-composition.

I think now is the perfect time to reveal that I am a WIZARD, as in I possess magic powers. Case and point: I can create bull out of nothing, as evident in most of my papers. How many people can honestly claim they can do that?

Anyway, lately I’ve been revisiting my old sites (my Multiply, LJ, and blogspot) and upon reading the cheesy, jologs, and sawi entries, I’m sad to say that…

… I’m full of BS. 😐 I honestly can’t believe that I wrote that which I can only define as “crap.”

Thank God my precious scottstuart blog keeps me true to my yellow colors. Wahaha.


For everyone who tolerated all my rants especially in LJ and Multiply,  here’s an awesome picture of Ryan Gosling to block my corny, unabashed thoughts from your minds:

I have no idea what he’s doing in the picture but I like it anyway. He kinda looks like a Baldwin… hmm that’s okay, my love is unconditional.

3 responses to “There is a need for stringent cyberlaws in the Philippines

  1. haha! so what if that’s BS? that’s where everything starts (hopefully, not ends). hey, i could do bull too. haha!

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