I am a busy sasha bee

When I was a kid, I wanted nothing more than be in front of the camera. Being my natural eager-beaver self, I’d flash my pearly whites minutes before the camera would go off just to ascertain that I would be picture perfect.

Years later, I still want nothing more…

Haha… I decided to post my icky nine-year-old pa-cute picture here because 1) I posted it in Candy anyway and 2) Jason has seen this so the embarrassment has come and gone. 


I’ve become a different person in the past few years, even in the past few months–my sappy writing evolved into boring rants about my equally boring life, my weight shifted drastically into means and extremes, my obsession for eggs benedict turned to disdain. True, we can’t escape change but that’s all right–it allows for second chances, moving on, growth, and new shoes. Those aren’t necessarily bad things, especially the last one. 

But as much as I can’t live without change, I love it when some things remain perfectly the same.


Miss you Sands, Kim, and everyone else.


My arms still look like sausages (hooray for good genes).

I’m still a goody-two-shoes.

And we’re still the greatest of friends.


When I said boring life, I limit that to academics. My life has been nothing but awesome recently!

One response to “I am a busy sasha bee

  1. Awwww… That’s all I’ll coment coz it’s hard to type.

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