Three’s a string already

Wooha! I can add another item to my list of possible careers–a saleslady! Now I’m really confused.

My sister, mom, and I  manned a stall in Valle Verde 2’s Christmas Bazaar; we were selling LOTS of our old clothes and some pieces from my mom and sister’s jewelry line Passing Fancies.  It was a long long long long tiring day full of dirty old bills (crisp or not, always welcome though), haggling, and literal hot air. At the end of the day, I was really sticky and sweaty and it was EMBARRASSING because Jason was fresh out of the shower when he arrived (OP siya because we were all gross and he wasn’t BEHHH).

Can I just say that being on the other side (the selling side) of trade was… not really fun, especially when you’re selling stuff you used to wear and still love. I mean, how can 30 pesos account for OrSem memories or first dates or birthdays? Well, I really didn’t mind selling all the red dresses we were forced to wear for our grandmothers’ birthdays. But still! When I sold my favorite pink dress for only a hundred bucks, I remembered wearing it during a party, during my Candy meeting, during a date. I remember things through my clothes; how will I remember all the memories I sold today? Oh well… Jesus, why do I have such a difficult time letting go?

Good-bye clothes and the stench of memories you carry! Oh, good-bye jeans! Thank you for leaving tons of fresh space for new pairs of shorts and skirts! … … 

Highlights of my first day as a tindera:

1. I left my bag on the floor and someone grabbed it thinking it was for sale. Ate, may laman kasi at may mga notebook at schoolbooks… medyo obvious lang ha.

2. I need to take a refresher course on addition and subtraction–I was the self-proclaimed cashier and without a calculator, life was difficult.

3. We only sold female stuff, unfortunately, since my brother didn’t want to part with any of his things (lucky lucky) and his clothes won’t fit anyone else since he’s too sexy. Haha There was this man who was looking at my mom’s blouse and trying it on against himself. 😐

4. Conversation at around lunchtime:

Customer: Ate, magkano itong blouse

Mommy: P50 lang yan pero sige, pwedeng 10 na lang

Customer: Ate, 20 na lang. 



My family told Jason lies about me during dinner in Bananaleaf! How dare they?!? Traitors! And they say blood is thicker than water.

4 responses to “Three’s a string already

  1. When Sasha was a little kid… blah blah blah hahahah

  2. Pwede umepal?



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