A change in career path


Name: Sarah Shayne D.P. Lim Uy

Contact Number: available on request  E-mail Address: available on request

Age: 19

Height: depends on the footwear          Weight: negotiable

Job Objective: lawyer journalist SOCIAL WORKER


This is a glimpse of my revised resume, a preview for my new career path! haha


Sir Lib showed us a documentary of starving Filipinos all over the Philippines. Apparently our malnutrition rate is only 2% ahead of Africa and that’s just sad… I was expecting at least a 3% difference. 😦 Sadly my home region is the POOOREST in the entire country. I can’t say I’m surprised but this a guilt-ridden Sasha typing as she ponders how comfortably she lives but a few hours away, starvation and skin and bones are commonplace. I spent 80 bucks on a slice of pizza when a family of nine lives only on 30 pesos. 😐 So now I realized that I don’t want to be: a) a lawyer because according to John Caputo “a world without love is a world governed by rigid contracts and inexorable duties, a world in which the lawyers run everything” and; b) a journalist because I don’t want to cover horrible things and leave them in the same horrible state when I go back to the pressroom to edit.

So now, I’m going to be a social worker and social-work to rid the world of poverty and slumness! Oh yeah, you’re about to tell me that I’m committing to myself to a lifetime of poverty while I’m out trying to save the poor. These are the times when becoming a gold-digger becomes relatively acceptable. I will marry a rich rich man to sustain my love for shoes and I will use his millions of money to open livelihood progams and charity organizations. Yes. That will be my life and I can’t wait! Clap clap!



I got so affected by the documentary (iWitness) but I wonder how real that was.. Sorry, this is the Comm nerd in me talking. I’ve been on the production side of documentary shows and while the reality is obviously real, most of the footage is staged, repeated, and practiced. 😦 

Seriously, if I don’t become a social worker, I’d most probably revert to journalism (my default future). If that happens, you can just shoot me (no pun intended, seriously)…. Oh oh, I can do both para happy! Sorry the last part’s sabog… my migraine’s eating the last of my functioning neurons.

4 responses to “A change in career path

  1. perhaps the best thing to committing to become a social worker is living the single life. it’s like our world, only that it’s god who is the forefront of everything.

  2. well you can be a better social worker if you can be a lawyer first. (HEHE defending myself)

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