I’m in love

Call me gross, I don’t care. I am in love with my wonderful, flamboyant, and very 64-year-old Speculative Fiction professor. Forty-five years isn’t that big of an age gap, is it? He’s the greatest lit teacher on earth–and mind you, if he gives me an A by the end of this semester, he will be the greatest teacher in the UNIVERSE! (I salaam right now and kiss his feet). I worship the ground he walks on and every letter he mutters!

He’s eccentric. You know me, I like the weird, funny, and random. Well, I’d be a little odd too if I was a multi-awarded author, physicist, and critic. Too much knowledge and artistry can rot the brain which is why I’m thankful that I’m semi-normal. He’s too good to be true–funny AND smart? Wow.

He remains optimistic despite horrible circumstances–ie, crashed speakers, ringing cellphones, inattentive students, and subpar reporting. This is a man who spreads cheer in a world of gloom! But his obvious bizarreness still didn’t prepare me for what he did next (oh yes, I love surprises). See, unlike most teachers, he didn’t ask for index cards with 1×1 id pictures. Instead, he went to class today wearing his blue Jansport knapsack (mind you, he’s 64 already) and carrying a digital camera. You might be wondering where’s the peculiarity in that after all, we see older men in hipper things nowadays. It’s true, at that point, everything seemed normal until…

… he took attendance. He went up to each student as he called his/her name and took a big flashing picture of everyone. 😐 That was kind of weird… but hilarious at the same time. The only sad part was that he didn’t allow me to check my photo before he moved to the next student though. His memory of me might be this manic-grinning sabog girl in a black tank top. Oh that was just sad. But still! Mr. Isagani R. Cruz, I have a feeling your class and I will be the best of friends this sem. 

I can’t wait for my District 9 report on the 17th! In fact, the dork in me will start doing it after this post because it’s never to early to prepare and of course, I have to impress him (wink). Oh Sir Cruz, I wish I could have half of your witty critic’s mind to be worthy of you! That would make me the happiest little big girl in the world!

Cheery-o! 😀 Oh btw for the ones scratching their heads at this post, let me just spell out that I’m okay with older guys but… like three/four years older. There’s a limit, yes? Yes!

9 responses to “I’m in love

  1. good. now you can start a very intellectual affair – dork-style. haha.

  2. Talaga Earl? HAHAHAHA. Hi SASHA!!!

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