Bea’s rubbing off on me!

Whether I’m happy, sad, scared, nervous, worried, taking a test, watching TV, or praying to Jesus, I always do one thing–bite my nails. It was an accident-turned-awful habit that I acquired when I was in the second grade and about to take the math finals. See how much that day meant to me? I remember exactly what I was doing and exactly where I was sitting (first column, second row from the window, Grade 2-Purity). Anyway, my best friend at that time was sitting behind me. I curiously asked her why she was chomping on her nails and thirty minutes later, I was biting mine. Oh, I am so easily influenced, even until now. 

Now my fingernails are fug, short and stubby because I have nothing better to do than nibble on them–especially when writing and taking tests (oh boy! 2/3 of my life!). It’s no wonder I only have fingers and no nails–I feel like a hobbit, like I have Frodo’s sausage fingers. Fortunately, someone reawakened me from my biting slumber and in my move to redirect my life and become more self-conscious of this ridiculous childhood habit, I haven’t bitten my tips in over a month! Isn’t that awesome? Hooray for will power! Of course now I’m going bankrupt buying expensive nail polish and peeling it off (a new way of channeling my nervous energy) but still, they’re half-decent, at least. Yay.

But, I’ve become so obsessed with nail polish that I have to change and repaint every hour! Either the air bubbles, the bad, hurried application, or the color bugs me and I can’t type or work unless I do something about it. Damn! One bad habit is being replaced by another and I blame it all on Bea Cupin!

So much for that. Who knew dead cells could have this much impact on my life? Oh yes, sometimes things just have to be shallow. They pave way for the deeper stuff. 


In more relevant news, Banapple was full today (again!). How sad… I haven’t had yummy yummy Banapple since I got back from the lost world and now my whole world is lost without it. 😦

I lie. I don’t need this to be happy. The only sweets I like are dark chocolates and they’re not even sweet. 😐

Bugger, I need creamy chicken to brighten my day.

2 responses to “Bea’s rubbing off on me!


    And you’ll master the art of polish application in no time. Hahahaha :))

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