My love-hate relationship

After several weeks without it, it’s finally back. No matter how hard I’ve avoided, swerved, and hid, it just sticks to me like rats (and lizards) to fly paper.

Press season is here–another round of late articles (along with several great ones), failed design ideas (mixed with awesome sidebar suggestions), and just a lot of stressful nights (filled with lots of chocolate in between)–okay, I like the sound of the last part. Oh yes, after my attempts of de-technologizing myself, my fingers are again tightly glued to the keyboard, my attention cleverly divided between my IM page and the half-dozen word docs that I purposely stay away from. 

Then comes that choice between a quiz you didn’t study for and the ticking time bomb of a deadline–it’s growing louder and louder. With the concerned looks of everyone in the pub, all of whom are hovering over a single laptop, it’s obvious that the quiz is out the window. The thirty minutes you waste studying could cause the paper to be late and consequently result to the disappointment of its 8000+ readers (yes, I can always hope that the entire Ateneo population reads it). 

Being a journalist, you have the responsibility to deliver–novelty and accuracy. Student, or otherwise, that’s just the way things work… Being an editor, you have the privilege of reminding your journalists of that responsibility. If they don’t, then you have to do the delivering for them. A classic case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde–you don’t just get a third of vanity column space with your picture, you get the whole deal plus a bonus supply of headaches.

Oh press, you give me such stress. I wonder how I withstood this since June… oh well, four more issues to go. Father Time, I wish you could stop.. or at the very least, slow down. 


Hahaha sorry, I only value things when it’s not there anymore just like every other normal human being. Despite my bitchin’ and moanin’, I’ll miss our press-frazzled faces. Torch-passing time!!! hahaha


This is my first and last attempt at sentimentality and the first in a string of non-Jason-related entries haha.

14 responses to “My love-hate relationship

  1. I’m AWWW-ing to both but more at the string of non-Jason-related entries part. 😦

  2. KIDDING. ;P

  3. Mean. But I’m not the one who passes there every mwf just to get to class! 🙂

  4. GRABE! Haha cheesy niyo

  5. KALA KO BA “the first in a string of non-Jason-related entries???”
    e mentioning that just made him part of it. haha sashaaaaaaaa.

  6. uhmmm…i think he has a way of making himself be the topic?
    ok joke lang jason. ahihihihi

  7. BAD kayo. I will be invisible from now on. 😦

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