I’m healthy!

I’m being force-fed at home and in school and seriously I eat (although half of what I consume is junk) a lot. I also drink a ton of C2 everyday so I don’t know why I’m getting too thin. Just today three or four people already commented (not complimented) on how “narrow” I was becoming. Honestly, until people started pointing it out, I didn”t really notice, especially since I see myself in the mirror every single hour day; looking at some old pictures from last year and now though, I have to admit that my face did become thinner. Hmm… maybe I have a worm in my tummy or my metabolism’s just becoming whack with old age. 

Forgive the bad editing. I did this on a whim–this is why I’m not in any of the design staffs.


This is me nooooow:

November 2009!


The GUIDON 0910–don’t we all look pretty?


The “thinness” isn’t thaaaat drastic… I can’t find any of the UAAP pictures and I’m too lazy to go through Jason’s Facebook and Multiply. 😐


I saw twenty bucks on the floor today! Wasn’t that fortunate? I wanted to get it but it was inside a locked MVP training room so I just knelt there, staring at the bill through the slits on the wall while waiting for Jason. 😐  Maybe it’s not very lucky after all.


BTW, thank you to William Wong for saving me in OSCI yesterday. I still haven’t memorized my new number and I was required to indicate it on the recollection sign-up sheet. Thank you Will/Yam for letting me use your number in the meantime.

2 responses to “I’m healthy!

  1. Jason likes the Nov. 2009 photo. 😀

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