Hello Panda!

I cannot even describe how slow this day went–I even caught myself asleep with my eyes open in my Lagliva and Liberatore classes (those teachers are the anti-thesis of boring, okay?). As I stared at Liberatore droning on about the love of God and Lagliva about the etymology of religion, I kept glancing at my phone only realize that only five minutes has passed and dismissal was still ages away! Oh dull day.

And for the nth time, I wasn’t in the mood to go to work so it took me ages to finish my C2 apple (I know, ew right? But Bea told me that Dominic told her about the perils of too much Gatorade and I didn’t want to get the little lemon C2 bottle), pick myself up, and gather enough energy to hail a cab. After some time, I managed to draw some strength from what I can only attribute to Divine Providence (and my bosses were looking for me already so…).

So there I was, researching and typing about breast exams and sandwich-making while waiting for the clock to strike four. Interesting, I think I wasted practically my whole day glued to the clock. I really need to start wearing watches again :(. By the way, I got lost in the office for the third time. I found myself, not in FHM this time, but face to face with my Candy bosses! They all told me that I was so thin already :(. Oh well! On the bright side, clothes hang better when you lack body fat. 😐

Before I forget, I did a good deed today (Santa are you reading this?)! I gave an extra P50 to the cab driver for not getting me lost and for having a broken meter! I also gave an extra P20 to the trike driver because I didn’t know I was holding 40 bucks. Anyway, so there I was–after being stuck in traffic for an hour, I had to help mother with the grocery shopping. To make a long story short, I had to balance like 10 bags of groceries, my bag, a stroller, my laptop, and Fiona in one trike, oh agony! Because I was too busy doing that, I didn’t notice that someone kept texting and calling my phone asking me if I was home. Go figure and when I asked, that mysterious person refused to tell me.

HOWEVER, when the trike drove past my house, oddly enough, there was a familiar Innova parked in front. Hmmm. And because I hear my Media Law readings calling me, I have to cut the story short (again). Jason gave me this suuuper cute travel pillow because I was sooo tired and he said I could use it when I sleep! So yay. Hahahaha Thank you! Wasn’t that nice of him? That made the whole day better!

Bow! And that’s the story of  how November 18 ended with a bang. Hahaha


I saw Bea in Rustan’s today and she got to meet Fiona the fug pug! Heehee. She was so bothered by Fiona’s stuck-out tongue which she (Bea) kept pushing back inside her mouth.

The law is reason free from passion! Go media law!

2 responses to “Hello Panda!

  1. fiona should really keep her tongue in. it gets dry eh. lol bothered talaga.

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