Ooh, i know what I want


I changed my mind. I don’t want any of those earlier things I requested for Christmas. I only want one very very special gift.

A panda! 

I don’t care if they’re endangered, at least if I have one, you’ll be assured that there will always be at least one panda that’s  safe and well-fed, hugged and well-loved. Oh pretty pretty please? I promise to TRY to do all my chores for a year month day. I’ll even be motivated to go to school and actually listen (instead of my usual daydreaming phase). 

Please please! I just want a panda that looks like this:


Doesn’t this panda remind you of anyone? No? Let me give you a hint! His name starts with a J hahaha but only I seem to see the resemblance. 😦

Oh well.



God curse the people who made this:

Achi and I saw this in Shopwise some time before Halloween. Isn’t it disgusting? Maybe someone, somewhere finds kinks in it. And yes that’s me wearing the thing! Haha, I actually walked around like this, I thought mama and achi were going to die (of laughter and shame). 

One response to “Ooh, i know what I want

  1. I want a panda too!!!!

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