I can’t keep a secret

I’ll leave the title for open-interpretation.

Anyway, I feel bad that I haven’t been super updating this blog (school happened and school sucks). People stop writing when their life gets so interesting–they don’t write about it since they’re actually living it. Hahaha. Not true, all modesty aside, everything has been wonderful the past few days yay… at least for me! And I’m sitting here typing away… well, not about the source of my happiness (could it be my wonderful org? insert sarcasm here) but at least I’m writing something.

I feel sad for the people who got stuck in the Printing Press until the wee hours checking for errata and other errors. 

Boo to people who already know but make my life harder by pretending not to. And boo to people who ruin my wonderful plans. Oh well, no time is better than now! “I just have to let it flooooow…”

Here’s a song for the road:


Sorry for the very random post. Like I said, school happened (and is happening). As much as I want to document my boring wonderful interesting life 24/7, I want to graduate and get out of the prison that is SCHOOL!

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