Oooh lala

1. Go abroad with friends CHECK

2. Lose my passport and possibly get detained CHECK

3. Got thrown around like a friggin pingpong ball CHECK

4. Get a Jamaican guy CHECK (uncheck uncheck)

Now that I’ve fulfilled my main goals in life… I can die now.

No Papa God! Don’t take me yet with your might gloved hand! There are still so many things I want to accomplish (such as the three goals that Sir Lib asked us to write) and so many people I want to meet (I sincerely believe Michael Jackson is still alive). 

Anyway, three days of jam-packed… well, I can only label it as kasabawan and ka-gastohan. No more money for us to the point that our collected cash was down to two Singaporean dollars and something cents. Singapore is a good place for shopping but not for money! hahaha. But we were able to streamline our priorities: 1) Shoes, 2) Clothes, 3) G-max, 4) Cab, 5) Food–with these straight, we were able to make good use of our budget. hahaha

Let’s see… this entry would be a mile long if nobody’s here to stop me (and indeed, no one is here to stop me) so let me just point out the highlights (apart from those already mentioned above):

1. Lost my passport because I left it in Ba-Kuh-Teh (or however you spell it). My sister’s super expensive Samsonite purse had my passport and all my SGDs. Thank God 80 percent of Singaporeans (la) are honest, as Chesca keeps repeating! Not bad for the first day! There I was in 7-eleven when I discovered that BAH, my money was gooone! Dont’ tell mommy (and ma, if you’re reading this, the point is, I’m back safe and sound).

2. Blew our money off expensive bikinis and tankinis! Surprising how a big, buffed man kept giving us advice on what styles were most suitable. Shocking how he designed ALL the rows and rows of bathing suits in the whole store.

Sentosa Beach

3. Got spat on by the wicked Merlion. Hahaha. We were greeted with rain on our first day so we had no choice but to buy umbrellas (all in different colors) which we used in all our photos for the day. hahaha



4. Broke our feet walking. I seriously havent walked this much in my entire life and since we were tipid, there wasn’t any other option! I think I rode the train there more times that I have here in Manila. Hmmm… well, it’s a lot safer and cleaner there… although, some stops (ahem ahem) smelled like death.

Lost much?


5. Had an out of body experience with G-Max! I swear I hate wild rides but Riza effin forced us! I felt like I was going to die! I wanted to do Gx5 but Riza and Ches refused so boo. Imagine having to pay 45 SGDs to have a heart attack and 60 SGDs to do it twice. 😐


6. Felt the Artic weather (this only applies to Anie, Ches, and Riza). I suck in cold weather–I freeze easily hahaha that’s why I can’t survive when the world ends and hell freezes over (bad attempt at wit).


7. Got hospitalized at The Clinic, this bar that has gurneys and wheelchairs instead of normal comfortable couches (although I must say, wheelchairs are quite comfy themselves!) and alcohol served dextrose-style. Weird but interesting. BTW, no the dextrose wasn’t stuck in a vein or whatever, you had to suck it out. Just making that clear.


8. “Met” a Jamaican rugby player. Oh rugby players are ginormous! It’s a weird and smelly experience being stuck in an elevator with like, 7 large Aussies. It’s a creepy experience when a black one (I can only assume he was Jamaican) wants a photo with you. Artista I’m not, dear sir! I think you must have confused me with someone else.

These photos are mostly from the first day haha. I’ll complete the list as soon as Chesca gives us the other set. Bye la!!!

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