This is a product of randomness, exhaustion from an 11-hour drive.

Lookit! This is what I did in the cemetery. BTW, I asked permission from my mom (and daddy’s grave) and my aunt who had the flowers made. 

Hippie childBecause my hair is soooo… meh… I tried putting a crown of flowers to disguise it as something better that it actually is. Hahaha. My mom dared me to wear it the whole day and I did… hahaha even when I went mausoleum-hopping with my grandmother. 

I reasoned that Ateneo made me crazy…. and that’s partially true… haha.

I’ll end this entry with a quote from Dr. Gregory House. “I know heart and head begin with the same three letters but you have to read all the way to the end.”


Entry brought to you by: 1.5L of C2, sore butt, and McDonalds

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