Hello hello hello!

This has been an awesome day and I know I’m sounding like a broken record but it was really really fun and I can’t stress that enough! Hooray! Snaps for fun!

Honestly, October 26 started off boring. As usual, I woke up at 7 o clock unwilling to greet the happy sun. After eating stale pizza, watching HP 1, and giving the dog a bath, I fell asleep–this is the natural course of my semestral break by the way. Then the actual day began! 

1. (500) days of summer was AWESOME (although I froze my ass off in the theater)

2. Birthday noodles make me tummy-happy! 

3. I beat Jason in basketball (but he beat me in the next round. I still attribute my loss to exhaustion!) and by default, that makes me incredible! hahaha KIDDING.

4. I have poor hand-eye coordination (as proven in my sucky Guitar Hero skills) but this is easily fixed! Hello PSP and DS!

5. Jason got me a copy of “The Giving Tree” to which I am forever grateful. 

6. We went ghost-hunting in school and to our relief and disappointment, we didn’t see any ghosts. Just a lot of security guards and an Indian couple playing Indian sounds in front of the Church of Gesu. 😐 BTW, it’s amazing how many joggers still run around at 10 o clock.

7. I won’t be super bored when I go home to Bicol since I was lent a copy of House (Seasons 5 and 6) and Big Bang Theory! I won’t be a lame no-nothing anymore!


Thanks Jason for the awesome awesome day!

5 responses to “Hello hello hello!

  1. This is me clicking the “like” button. 🙂 (500) days of summer is AWESOME!


    silly grin on anna’s fez

  3. I am clicking the “like” button too! 😀

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