I went ice skating for the first first first first time ever with Jason yesterday. Buwahahaha it was a blast and we didn’t fall once (galing namin eh!) despite the many almosts and near-accidents.  Our mantra was that if little children could do pirouttes on the ice, we could do something as simple as gliding. Braking is a different matter all together. :)) Who would’ve thought that even without the spinning, the double Axels, and the lutzes, we’d feel the burn?! Or maybe it’s because we’re getting old… 😐 Wahahaha. Either way, hooray for our calves. 

One day, we’ll be super great ice skaters and we’ll be able to do this:

(I chose the Fire and Ice scene because “I don’t wanna miss a thing” is such a Jason song. BTW this isn’t the actual scene from the movie, it’s edited. Best I could find na).


I felt the burn even more when we trekked up MOA’s long, elevated, and spiral parking lot (I was wearing four-inch heels) after the fashion show. Now I know how the Hebrews felt when they reached Canaan–TRIUMPH!!! Oh adventures. :))


Hmm… Was it just me, or was fashion week kind of boring? 😐

Note to self: Never try mediterranean hot sauce.

2 responses to “Wheeeee!

  1. Hey, this is a fun blog! We do need an anti-jeans movement for a change. Keep up the fresh content!

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