The first last semester of my life!

Make that the ONLY last semester of my life! By this point, I should’ve done all/most of the stereotypical things college students do–get drunk silly, go crazy. But being the loser that I am, I’ve done few to nada wild things in  my long long college life. Now is the time to change that, especially with this semester! It should be a blast since it’ll stick with me forever (conclusion based on the serial position theory).

So, here’s my shallow version of a college bucket list. Idea stolen from Jason.


1. Eat isaw in UP (or anywhere really).

2. Attend a school party (hahaha).

3. Go to an awesome beach trip with my wonderful friends… only this time, we actually get to swim instead of just staring into the waves and taking photos of shells.

4. Get the absolute bestest class schedule in the world–with lots of eating and bumming time in between the ridiculously boring classes.

5. Sleep in one class! But I’ll be careful not to drool like that guy in Math11 who made a waterfall with his saliva seeping through his arm and desk.

6. Make my section even more awesome than ever. 

7. Go ghost-hunting (I’m super okay if I never get to do this) and re-open the Comm Dept portal. Maybe we’ll get to meet Horacio Dela Costa! But… ghosts can kill us and we can’t kill them back. 😐 Double standards work even past death.

8. Find the determination to finish this bucket list!


Sorry for the subpar entry. I’ve been writing for the past two and a half days and all my creativity has been sucked out. I need C2 to replenish.

7 responses to “The first last semester of my life!

  1. Shindig tayoooo

  2. Tara after ng 80th!

  3. sleep with me!!!!

    in theo or philo that is. 🙂 yeay classmates finally. 🙂

  4. Okay a few comments about your bucket list.

    1. Isaw? Go! Hahaha! It’s fun to have isaw in UP, together with all the other kainan there.
    2. Anong klaseng school party?
    3. Go on.
    4. CALASANZ!
    5. You should learn the art. Take it from a professional like me.
    6. Go on.
    7. The only rumor I have heard about the com portal (from previous batches) is the shit monster.
    8. good luck! 🙂

    and you made me think of my own bucket list, too. haha I’ll go make ne for myself.

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