The Gio Tingson Scandal…

No… this is not with Cristine Reyes (asa siyaaa). This is with another Sanggunian officer and you can just guess who he is based on the picture. 

This photo was taken one fine day, while walking along MVP. We saw a large boy stretched on a couch. I said, “Oh look! Large boy!” Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was Sanggunian President Gio Tingson catching up on sleep. Using my journalistic instincts, I asked Jason to take a photo of him through the glass of the Sanggu Aquarium… Little did I know, Jason shamelessly went back to the room,  and took a picture of him.

AND NOW, here, an exclusive shot of our beloved President asleep on the job. 


you can see our reflection 


BTW, this entry is interactive. Can someone tell me where Gio’s bilbil is? I can’t seem to see it but he can.


PHOTOS POSTED WITH THE PERMISSION OF GIO TINGSON! He’s just proving that he’s human after all–that despite all the leader-y, school-y, meeting-y, coach-y (what else do you do?) activities, he gets tired just like everyone else!!!

9 responses to “The Gio Tingson Scandal…

  1. I LIKE. HAHA. 😛

  2. sino kasama niya? is that nyko?

  3. Si Rob ba kasama niya? =O

  4. Winner!!! I double like–one for gio, one for rob!

  5. wahahaha! it seemed like it ended on a note of “saving” Gio from that.

    and why the search for bilbil? hahaha! 😀

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