What I won’t do

Finally, sembreak. It seemed like forever and now that it’s finally here, it’ll be over in a second and I can just imagine myself trudgingly going to my first class on November 9 (if I don’t cut since I’ll be coming back early that day). I’m cursed with first batch random numbers, for some reason, I still always get a 7:30 class!


To keep my little break organized, I will:

1. Make a date with House and Blair Waldorf. In other words, I’m going to tire my eyes out watching TV and DVDs. House, Big Bang Theory, Gossip Girl, and Glee are waiting for me. (Reminder: Go to Metrowalk and take part in the shameful thievery of piracy).

2. Make love with sleep, unless I’m too busy tiring myself out with the TV

3. Eat unsalty, un-greasy, un-sweaty (shout out to Bento), non-cafeteria food until I feel the buttons of my shirt pop out.

4. Read stupid and useless non-academic books

5. YM my nights away without worrying about school, GUIDON, chores, and et cetera. Although I still have to worry about GUIDON, one way or another.

6. Laugh myself silly at kasabawan like this:


some parts have been censored to save our reputations hahaha

UPDATE: Jason was kidding, okay? Hahaha

7. Brave the cold ber-bers by going out on swimming excursions. Seriously, despite the tragedy of the floods, I caught myself wishing that I could go out for a swim. Sorry, selfish me speaking.

8. Throw money around on my trip and shopping. After all, you can’t bring money with you when you’re dead–only two gold coins for Charon the boatman!

9. Find myself an awesome dress for The GUIDON’s 80th anniversary and an awesome accessory in hand to match… a man! hahaha kidding. 


This is my non-planned semestral break because for some reason, I never do the things I plan to. At least, I DON’T plan to do any of these.



Just random thoughts running through my head:

Why is Bea stalking Benjie Paras… who has a freak 6 foot 14-year old son?

Why is V-Cut so hard to open?

It’s difficult to type using one hand and one side of the keyboard.



Entry brought to you by: bulok na puto, three glasses of iced tea, and Italianni’s.

6 responses to “What I won’t do

  1. HEY I WASNT STALKING. Well, not like you do hahahaha

    But diba? Freakishly tall “little” boy.

  2. ha! you forgot our singapore trip!:)

  3. why is v cut so hard to open

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