The magic of YM

I love mediated communication–no holds barred e. Hahaha. I think I love the Photo Staff too since they’re malabo in the best way possible way… Hahaha


Martin Romero, my first batch buddy, (Riza too if you’re reading this which I’m sure you are/will). Let’s take the same Philo and Theo ha. TO IMMERSION AND BEYOND! CHEERS (raises iced tea in the air)!


Martin mistook Mufasa for Rafiki!


Hmmm… just a thought, if Mufasa is King Jaffe Joffer (Coming to America), and Simba is his son, that makes Prince Akeem a.k.a Eddie Murphy Simba…. Possible since all these characers are “Africans.”


I hope I enlist right this time. I’ve only enlisted once my entire online registration life!!! Lady Luck, please be on my side (or at least on my internet’s).


Let me give you an intermission number from last year’s honcho, ex-EIC Monique Avila



Entry brought to you by KFC (my friends know I don’t like KFC). I had it for dinner. 😦

3 responses to “The magic of YM

  1. Socrates Demaisip

    Cute. Happy post! 🙂

  2. theweatherstore

    I know you’ll hate me for this, but your post reminded me of a 5 second movie about Lion King 😛

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