Just keep swimming just keep swimming!

I barely slept last night–an overactive imagination, personal turmoils, and a bladder full of iced tea kept me up as I tossed and turned the night away. But enough of that! It’s a new day, and later, I have another chance to catch up on sleep (not really since I have a pile of non-academic work to do). Oh well, it’s only one night of the rest of my life.

I went swimming today. By the way, swimming here, according to my Sasha Dictionary, is defined as: “[v] or [n]; wading around in the shallow end of a pool, may or may not wriggle around in the water; comes with tired muscles and a clogged nose.”

I think I can relate my swimming skills (or lack of) to how I see myself: a headbobbing jellyfish that can barely keep its head above the water! I really can’t count the number of times that I felt like I was drowning today (swimming makes me feel the BURN, again, let’s not get green at this point). But despite the muscles that felt like lead, the lack of oxygen, and the chlorine that made my eyes sting, I still found away to paddle to the side of the pool and cling on to dear life. Hay.

In the words of my favorite philosopher, Dory,

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

And I will! Although I again need to stress that swimming for me is radically different from, say, Michael Phelps’ definition.

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