This is a BV day

Imagine getting robbed while you’re inside a bank–that’s like the biggest irony in the entire world, what with their bolted doors and topnotch security you’d think that you’re safe (or at least your stuff) but you’re wrong! The bank is a cruel cruel place that leaves you empty (first they take your money, then your stuff).

Okay, I was carrying a huge can of pretzels for my great friend Anne Yu for this huuuge favor she did me… I was supposed to give it to her yesterday but as usual, I stupidly forgot. So, I said I’d just bring it today and I did (I really did) but I had to drop by the bank first (yahoo Candy paychecks). For those who haven’t been to BPI Katipunan, there’s a little round table in the middle where people are asked to fill out their forms and stuff. So I was there, filling out the form, I left the can of pretzels when I went to the teller. Let me just clarify that there was NO LINE so I was just really fast! And when I returned to the table, the friggin pretzels were GONE!

I asked the guard and he said he didn’t see anyone!!! There is sooo much money in the bank and they had to steal my P 89 can of pretzels? Geez. 

Anyway, Anne Yu, if you’re reading this I love you and I miss you! I’ll make it up to you! See you in Lit next sem! In love and postmodernity with Ms. Ivery de Pano! 🙂

UPDATE: Look what Dominic got me to cheer me up!

4 responses to “This is a BV day

  1. HAHAHAHA no more postmodernity next sem. di na kaya ng brain ko. hahahaha:P

    love you sasha, pretzels or no pretzels. 😛

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