Why do guys say “dear” a lot?

Seriously, just today, three guys have already called me “dear”… According to Wyatt Ong, it sounds a bit matronly and I agree. 🙂 Maybe they think it’s… endearing?

While I ponder over this question, let me tell you about my exciting (insert sarcasm here) day…

I had my funny thesis defense earlier. By funny, I mean, embarrassing but since I’m used to being a klutz, I’ve become a pro at laughing at myself. This sounds pathetic, but it’s true. The whole comedy that was today began when Je and I were walking to our doomed defense. She was carrying a tray of coffee (for our beloved panelists and adviser) and I was carrying an unprotected laptop ( I wanted to be ready when we got there). Still smooth, right? Until Je spilled some of Sir Beaver’s steaming black coffee. 😐 I was trying to wipe the lid off while balancing my bag and laptop at the same time when the first drops of rain fell, causing us to move more quickly, consequently spilling more coffee. 

To keep the story short, we were squealing and screaming on the way to the Comm Dept. Oblivious to our frantic, business-clad asses was that Sir Mark Escaler, one of our panelists, was walking three feet away. He stopped, opened his umbrella, and held it for us until we reached the building. (BTW, by this point, he doesn’t know us since we’re journ and he teaches media studies. He knows my name though since I e-mailed him a week ago). We were laughing at our pathetic rained on coffee (he was laughing as well); he was more worried about my laptop, Je and I were worried about the coffee, oh our priorities. Anyway, he asked what time our defense was (that’s how obvious we were). Gulping, I said “2:30, sir.” He paused, looked at me and said “Wait… wait… wait…” I cut him off politely, saying, “Yes, sir, you’re paneling us.” He chuckled. Talk about embarrassment.

My second attack of klutziness happened when I set the coffee in the panelists’ table. Only Sir Jan, our third panelist, was there. My leg got tangled with a chair’s and I tripped in front of him. 😐

But it went smoothly, the points they raised were valid and we were already expecting them (why didn’t we change it though if we already knew? that’s one of life’s most perplexing questions, and I don’t have an answer. Probably a sad mix of laziness and hope that our wonderful panelists wouldn’t see it). 

By the way, galing ni Sir Sev magpanel. He had great points, even though I wasn’t sure if he listened to our presentation since he was doodling the entire time. Apparently, you can listen and doodle at the same time. Comm teachers are great multi-taskers!

I wonder if there are pills to cure clumsiness. If there are, I wonder if I’ll take them… Nah, my life is so much more colorful with my bumps and bruises, hahaha, literally. 

I still don’t know why guys like saying “dear.” 😐



sorry if this is kinda sabog. this blog was brought to you by two bottles of c2.

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