Back to sophomore year!

I remember that the only class I looked forward to during 1st sem, second year was Com 100 (Communication Seminar) with the senseless but very insightful Sir Andrew Ty.  Ask me what we did in that class, I still can’t answer but I remember a lot of talking and a lot of Yoggie fainting with Sir Andrew and Sab worrying that she had a seizure. Yes, they were both Punk’d.

But the rest of the students weren’t as cruel as Franz, Anne, Yoggie, and Xianne who made that Punk’d prank their final communication-related project. Sab, Je, Sel, Cy, and I made a reality television show  wherein we traded lives with each other—Sab became Cy, Cy became Sel, Sel became Je, Je became me, and I became Sab. Okay, I won’t bore you with the mechanics because it’s not really difficult to understand.

BTW, it’s not easy being Sab since it actually requires the talent to sing, a gift I’ve been requesting to Papa God since I saw Sister Act… ahem, I still don’t really have it. 

I remember that we traded things, friends, and even clothes! I couldn’t wear Sab’s shoes though, coz they’re like double my shoe-size. We submitted the “show” in a DVD that was purposely made to look pirated. I was clearing around the big chunky computer (which I never use anymore since I do all my work in my precious laptop) when I saw the DVD cover I made two years ago. Aww, get well soon Sir Andrew!



It was supposed to be a VCD... but we upgraded!

It was supposed to be a VCD... but we upgraded!



We all look sooo different. 😐 Well, except for Cy since you can’t really see her face.


The back cover says (I’m removing all the typos, pirated kasi e): 

Five girls. Five personalities. Five different lives.

It’s an experiment-turned-reality TV-debut for Sasha, Cy, Sel, Sab, and Je in this unique and quirky throwback to Style Network’s series “Try My Life.”

Watch the girls as they struggle to step into each other’s shoes in an attempt to be someone they love but can’t stand to be.

Real but scripted, acted out but completely honest, “In Her Shoes” will make [you] smile, gasp, and shake your head in utter disbelief. Prepare to walk with these five exceptional girls [throughout] the laughter, the shame, the frustration, and ultimately the realizations that come with living another’s life.


Don’t crucify my GD skills! It was this project that made me learn PhotoShop, as in impromptu.

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