A stroll in Belfield :|

If you know me, you know I can roll around the mud like everyone else. But when you’ve become muddy just before an important event (bonfire), then that just sucks. 😐 

Hahaha, at least my feet got a free mud spa!


I didn’t really care that much, although I had to go home to change. Hey, shoes are shoes, they’re washable and so am I. Mud isn’t permanent! But mama still got mad because they are kind of expensive. When she got home, she found them floating in a bucket in the bathroom, exactly where I left them. I didn’t know I had to scrub the mud off, hey, I was in a hurry. Haha.


 Oh Steve Madden, this is the second time you’ve dipped in the mud for me!

3 responses to “A stroll in Belfield :|

  1. AWWW hahaha

  2. I once made the very same mistake of frolicking around Belfield. Naputikan yung favorite sanuks ko 😦 Worst thing was kakalaba lang nun that very day D:

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