Ah, my name is Sasha

I think it’s high time for me to re-teach people how to pronounce my name. It’s not that hard, just stay with me on this one–it’s quick and painless.

Let me just give you a 101 on my name. I mean, I’m really Sarah Shayne Dy Prieto Lim Uy. That’s my real name, or rather, that’s what’s written on my birth certificate and other government documents. Taking the first few letters of each word, my mom combined it to “Sasha” which is a common Russian guy name. You’re still with me? Easy, right? Two syllables, five letters. IT IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE.

Say it with me, SAAAA-SHAAA. Okay, you didn’t say it right. Remember, there’s an “H” after the second ‘S’. SAAAAAAAAA-SHAAA. Almost there! S-A-S-H-A. Sasha.

There you go! That’s wasn’t too hard, was it?

Now that you now who I am, let me tell you about my day.


-It was fast although well, I couldn’t really accept how the official pronounced my name as “SHINY.” I know that “Shayne” makes it a little more complicated (it’s the whole “y” thing) and I’ve been called Sean and Shine but never SHINY. I actually didn’t respond right away because a lot of people are named Sarah but it didn’t really hit me that Shiny was government-official-talk for Shayne.


-After registering, Bea needed to buy some very important hair product from Trinoma, so Jason gallantly agreed to take us there. Being the hungry, takaw people we are, we had lunch first. After me repeating and spelling S-A-S-H-A to the Taco Bell cashier, when my food was ready and they called me… apparently I was “SASA.” How did they know Monique’s pet name for me? Oh Taco Bell, such yummy food and such psychic cashiers!

Thing is, because my name is so similar to singer Zsa Zsa Padilla, people always think that is my name which sucks. I’m kind of used to being called Zsa Zsa or SHA SHA but Sasa and Shiny??? Kinda unforgivable.


-The Bonfire, unlike last year, wasn’t in Bellarmine; thank God the organizers finally realized that fields are muddy and are infested with mosquitoes and flies. Jason and I thought that the mass would be in Gesu as announced earlier and he had this bright idea of passing through Bellarmine field, which for a while, was NOT muddy at all–until we saw our friend. He was on the other side, near Bellarmine Hall so we took a detour towards him and literally SANK in the mud! I blame you Mark Tiu! Hahaha. I had to go home to change (into the exact same thing haha–tights and black flats). Funny, but… no…


-I’ve reached the end of my name lecture. To everyone who’s wondering how the bonfire went, it was hot–literally. The fire, the crowd, the cigarette smoke. And, let me just take this opportunity to tell everyone that the bonfire is not a party, it’s not a chug-chug disco club. It’s just a show with drinking, shirts, booths, and athletes, yes. Glad we cleared that up. When I went to the grade school area, I got a little confused that I had to check if I was in the right place. Again, not a party. Malamok po dun at mainit. Yung foundation niyo tumutulo na.

-“Anton, Anton, you bastard, Anton!” – this was something I eavesdropped off little children aged 7 to 8. Little darlings, where are your parents? They know better not to leave you with metal cans, which you kept throwing at the flame, and dirty, un-soaped mouths dripping with not-so-innocent vulgarity.

Woohoo! I think Fr. Nebres had a little too much cognac today. He was extra euphoric and jubilant during his welcoming remarks–actually cheering and waving around on stage. 😐 Fr. Ben, you so cute!

And hosts, Lia Cruz, Macky Escalona, and Wesley Gonzales… Hmmm… You guys were entertaining but too much overshare. I love you Je, I’m biased haha.

2 responses to “Ah, my name is Sasha

  1. SASSSSSSHAAAAAA I love your banner hahahahaa I smell featured blog

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