Araneta Seat Plan


This is a matter of curiosity and nothing else but my friends and I noticed that, except for ADMU-DLSU games, majority of the crowd comes from Ateneo. Even Coach Norman (Noh-man) Black said that every Ateneo game is a home game, a sea of blue with only a patch of red, maroon, yellow or green and yellow (like corn!). I’m not complaining and like I said, I’m only wondering… Are we just bursting with school pride because I doubt there are more tickets allotted for us. That would make it much simpler but I can attest to how difficult it is to secure seats in Araneta, Upper A, B or whatever else (let’s just forget Patron, okay? That is impossible). It’s just a nightmare.

Thing is, Ateneans are all just crazy enough to pay really sky-rocketing prices for seats AND to sleep in school or Araneta just to be the first in line to the ticket counter… it’s a little pathetic, insane, and stupid I know haha but anything for the championship!

Oh the price of Norman’s (Noh-man’s) rare smile… it only happens when we win—back to back.


This was made by a friend… the product of imagination AND observation. This was not made with actual statistics and all those math thingies, k? So don’t use this for reference for school or whatever.


In the words of a t-shirt, ang sarap talaga maging atenista.

4 responses to “Araneta Seat Plan

  1. I’d have to agree. To think the Ateneo GenAd section wasn’t super puno pa. Well, at least during the first half of the game. Haha

  2. Edited to add: And how the tickets are distributed isn’t the issue there. The UAAP board would know that both schools get the same allocation. As for the extra tickets we manage to get? We have the Univ. Athletics Office and the Alumni Office to thank for that.

    And I’m sorry but tickets are always hard to get for an Ateneo game! Remember the game against UST? Akala natin madali lang magpatron but nooooo..

  3. I just noticed that Lowerbox isn’t indicated here. 😐

  4. great insight into this. Odd that even “reserved seating” sections such as patron or lowerbox are still dominated by blue shirts (game 2, my cousin was seated in the UE side lowerbox).

    oddly they dont sell gen-ad tix in school anymore

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