Merry Christmas to Sasha!

Because this is the second “-ber” month, I decided to make my annual Christmas wishlist for Santa Claus so he would have lots of time to prepare for my requests.


Dear Mr. Santa Claus, 

I know that this in the nth letter you’ve received, especially since Christmas is just around the corner. I’m sure that with your list (yes, I’ve been good this year… most of the time) and with my constant badgering over the past 14 years, you already know and expect a letter from me in your mailbox. But let’s face it. No matter how much you try to be old-fashioned, the world is just becoming more and more digitized and to keep up with the times, I decided to change it up and make my letter through this blog. I’m sure that you have computers and internet up there in the North Pole! You might even have an easier tiime filing our requests if we just send everything digitally. (You should tell everyone to follow my good example, *wink*).

Anyway, I always used to divide my list into two parts–one for the things I want from your magical workshop and crafty elves and one for the things I want you to relay to the even “bigger guy,” the biggest of them all. But now that I’m 19 and can just shamelessly ask for these material things from other people, I’m just making a list for the latter. Don’t forget to tell the “bigger guy”!

  1. For mamang driver of green trike number 009 to return my cellphone, or at the very least my contacts.
  2. For a typhoon-less rest of the year but please provide us with more, better avenues to be united and helpful as a nation… Maybe next time it should be a little less tragic and costly? Just a suggestion.
  3. That my family and friends be safe in the comfort of His giving and loving hands
  4. For newer popcorn flavors
  5. To help me find the deeply embedded peace that the Bigger Guy has suppressed somewhere inside my heart
  6. That I conquer my fear of killing cockroaches (I want this even more than conquering my fear of cockroaches themselves) – this might come in handy when the alien from MIB 1 comes back.
  7. That I could have better discipline to do what I say I will. E.g. to not eat when I say I won’t.
  8. If my requests aren’t that difficult, if it’s not too much to ask, maybe… just maybe… Ateneo could be back to back champions in UAAP basketball in my senior year? Just an early Christmas present. Please?

Thank you very much! I’m sure your elves and reindeer are thankful that I’m not making them do and carry more stuff! Say hi to Mrs. Claus and he sure not to eat too many Christmas cookies! You might get heartburn.


Sincerely yours,




Yes, you don’t have to remind me that I am 19, much too old to believe in a bearded, red giant that has the magical powers to tour the world in one night (technically speaking, he does it in three nights, time zones have to be taken into consideration here!). I’m always told that Santa’s just a character impersonated by actors but the thing is, people impersonate Elvis and he’s real. Why can’t Santa be real for me too?

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