I am a poet… sweet.

I planned to skip Histo tomorrow and as courtesy to my beloved professor Sir Giron (I’m not making sipsip, okay? he doesn’t know about this blog),  I wanted to tell him that I was cutting his wonderful class to watch the Eaglets and Eagles. Since he liked making us write poetry (those are his bonus exam questions) and we just have Ondoy sharing in class, I decided to write my typhoon experience in the form of a poem. Ahem, I channeled my inner Alexander Pope. 

Hahaha, if you think it’s funny and senseless, I’ll take it as a compliment since I intended this to be “satirical” hahaha. BTW, I’m not mocking Ondoy and the victims, I’m just… having a good time. 

Ode to Ondoy

By Sasha D.P. Lim Uy


During the stroke of typhoon Ondoy

I was at home, with some Chips Ahoy!

I didn’t know it was raining hard

Until I discovered Katipunan was barred.


Coming from Bicol, I’m used to typhoons

I’ve never seen cities turn to lagoons.

After swimming and relocations

I came up with three realizations.


I felt very sad to have no phone

Globe and Bayantel sucked at home

It was hard without technology

But I managed with water and banoffee.


My grandma was stuck for 24 hours

With no food and without any powers

Neighbors were throwing food at her roof

Without contact—we thought she went poof!


Thank God she’s sheltered, safe and sound

But her house still hasn’t seen the ground

The water went up to the second floor

She has nothing left, not even a door.


In times like these, those don’t really matter

As long as we’re safe with joy and laughter

I also learned to not be afraid

Of Katipunan boys who know how to wade.


They know how to help people in distress

Especially those walking home with stress

They clumped and huddled to carry girls

Who can’t walk through flood, it might ruin their curls.


I know I’m missing much today

I’ll miss Histo while I’m away

I apologize for my bad poem,

But I have to cheer for Eagles this PM.


To my delight, Sir Giron replied to my e-mail. 


Miss Lim Uy:

Thank you for writing the poem and sharing it with me. I have to say I found it very amusing and it made my evening less unpleasant despite the heaps of long exams I have yet to correct.

Oh, and I wouldn’t dream of taking a cut against you if it’s for the finals and I am quite frankly scared of going up against a member of the council of cool.

(But seriously you work for Storyline? I am a big fan of the show)



Brian Giron 


Aww… Sir, in a few days, I won’t be a COC member anymore. But I’ll tell Pat you like the show, yes it is the best. 🙂

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