The brouhahas

For everyone who cares, that makes it what, five to six people, my internet-literate mother, curious about my bizarre life, read my blog post about spontaneously going to Tagaytay. 😐 Boo… and I was the person who taught her how to use the internet. Oh Sasha, you fail at life. Hahaha kidding.

Anyway, sorry mommy, if you’re reading this. Won’t do it again. I just needed to save myself from the overwhelming number of useless people in the covered courts, standing around. Oh, and to reward myself with some RnR haha, which I still haven’t really gotten since I’ve been working on my section during the special break. 

So after a total travel time of around 2.5 hours, this is what we did in Tagaytay:

7334_150724616925_523741925_2674835_2065660_nCheck it out… Jason’s a converted fan.

7334_150724631925_523741925_2674837_7558230_nIt was sooo cold! Or maybe that was just me freezing my bum off. I am still losing weight, idk why. 😐 it must be the cyanide in C2

7334_150724601925_523741925_2674833_5280439_nI look like I saw a ghost, and I’m happy about it.


Clean fun. 

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