Back to school again…

Disclaimer: The following is a merge of two incoherent entries. The first being written at approximately 2:30 AM while waiting for the Sandman’s visit. The second was written when I got home after school. 🙂 CHING (sound effect)

Anyone who’s been my friend for a while knows that I speak with sound effects. I am a machine. 


Interesting. Today is technically our first day back from our mini-sembreak or I daresay, our much needed “RnR” from a semester of stress torment and I noticed that everyone is just so sluggish. The bumminess* that people are feeling right now is so strong that I can literally feel the lethargy is the air. But seriously, if you just got off a week of no class and you find out that the semester is technically over with no final shiznit whatsoever, you might ask yourself why you’re still attending school in the first place? Why not just proclaim it sembreak and make everyone go about in their happy business of beaches, partying, and getting drunk silly?

I blame it all on CHED and our compulsion to follow their rules without question. BOO CHED. Down with you! Because of you our outing and evsem might be doomed! Hahaha… oh well, another spontaneous trip (hint hint)


I was rereading through all my pathetically pathetic (this is a Sasha term, not for reuse by other people) blogs and realized that my writing has been so influenced by my news background. My sentences and paragraphs are all choppy… BOOO… that is a fail. I really have to work of my schizophrenic writing–that is, my weird, serious, robotic “academic,” boring style that I use for news articles and papers and my happy style seen in this blog, my Candy blog, and all the blissful things I write about.


This semester is closing fast which means I only have one sem (approx five months) of college life left and I have to make the most-est of it. I’ve decided that I’m going to steal Jason‘s idea of making a college bucket list. Oh Ateneo, we’re quickly parting ways, I’m going to miss you forever!


BTW, can you tell me what you see in this picture?

This is interpretative! You are how you interpret haha.


*My invented word. An excuse I always give to people with bad grammar is that language is constantly evolving. Maybe someday “Bumminess” would come up in the dictionary. It has a nice ring to it, right? I should be the next Webster person… I forgot his first name and don’t dare reply with Merriam.


I lost my phone today in a tricyle… it’s colored GREEN number 009 beware of this tricycle he’s not as nice as the other drivers (yes, I’ve met practically all of them) and I now know how trike systems works. INSANE. I’m so incredibly sad since that phone is barely four months old and it’s gone forever. I need to rebuild my contacts again. Huhuhu. So for those who need my new number, just IM me, I don’t want to post it here for DUH reasons. 🙂

I need my phone back. But maybe it’s part of God’s detox plan for a less stressed Sasha.

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