We lost :(

Why did we lose to an ugly old coach who has his hair highlighted and rebonded??? Doesn’t he know how gay that is??? It’s not even relax or cellophane–it’s the expensive kind of straightening that destroys hair! Anyway, I hate shaggy long hair on dudes hahaha. Only Trojans and Greeks can pull that off… and that era is WAY way over. 

I almost cried since I was expecting an easy win! Boo for overconfidence (Sasha is banging her head on the wall). We better better better better better win 


Anyway, to all SOM people, look at your Mr. SOM

Jandric Lim for the win.


Jandric, I hate to break it to you, Araneta isn’t embuh. Hahaha but you were great entertainment.


Ughh… peeve: apart from people saying “stuff toy” instead of “stuffed toy” and “corn beef” instead of “corned beef” and non-Ateneans who watch Ateneo games (and aren’t in the opposing school), I hate it when people, who supposedly are on Ateneo’s side, do not stand up during the Song for Mary. Ugh. Fake supporters. I think Dino’s touching school spirit is rubbing off on me.



Ugh! Fake supporters! Your seat could have been given to someone who really wanted it (win or lose)!!!

One response to “We lost :(

  1. OH NAPANSIN KO RIN YUNG GIRL NA YAN. And I’m sorry but she was taking so many self-portait photos using her phone. Please lang, pangfriendster ba yon 😐

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