Such a fail day

We were supposed to watch sweaty, “muscled” men grapple each other in judo today but the stupid typhoon postponed it until tomorrow and no one said anything so we, well, we kind of wasted our time in school. Oh well, on the bright side, Blue Eagle Gym has pretty new patron seats–they look like the desks in Escaler save for the table part. Upgrade. Hahaha… guess Ateneo hasn’t been that affected by the fiscal crisis. 

Super sad because Mark was supposed to come with us but I guess he was asleep. No one was answering his phone, Mark, if you’re reading this, your ringback is funny haha. So so, to make most of getting up and getting dressed, we ate breakfast in Pancake House na lang. WITHOUT BEA!!! Coz Bea hasn’t taken a shower yet. 😦 We missed you Bea! 

Guess who ate this much!!!

An omelette plus blueberry pancake pie thingy and this other thing.

Now you see it…

Disappearing act

Now you don’t!!!


Okay, the bracelet is a dead giveaway.

For Dominic: Sorry for the GD fail.

2 responses to “Such a fail day


  2. HAHAHA oi konti lang kaya yan!

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