Sorry for the blogging hiatus. There was something wacked about my wordpress. Here goes, a recap of my adventures the past week.


My friends can attest that I am such a predicatable boring person who just studies and YMs and eats all the time… but! not anymore! We are wild people!

I was with my friends (aka Dominic, Bea, Mark, and Jason) last Tuesday helping out with the Ateneo relief operations in the covered courts. We were busy unwrapping water and joining the assembly line when we decided that there were too many people already and we weren’t of much use. So, we SPONTANEOUSLY went to Greenhills to spontaneously watch “Surrogates” (btw, nice movie, very fast-paced, and postmodern. Plus nothing beats Bruce Willis with shaggy blonde hair). Suddenly, Mark got the idea of spontaneously going to Tagaytay! It was already midnight and to my surprise, I went along with it. Forget my curfew haha.  (To people who aren’t very sharp, yes I am aware that I’ve used “spontaneously” a bunch of times, and no I do not lack vocabulary).

Unfortunately Dominic couldn’t go because his aunt was waiting for him. We missed you so much! Next time, you’ll come with us when we spontaneously go to Bicol, my wonderful home province.

I really couldn’t believe what we did. We were entering Tagaytay already when I realized that we were actually there! Hahaha… anyway, I couldn’t extend my wild side anymore. I was just sitting on a fence (literally) when Bea, Jason, and Mark were drinking. We were listening to a band from inside this bar. I obliviously insulted them because I thought they were just a barkada doing karaoke. My bad. 

It was around two when we headed home. Jason was driving over a hundred… and no it’s not because he has road rage. He needed to pee really badly so he was rushing to find the nearest restroom. It was so fun, I love driving really really really fast and there’s no traffic. We ended up in Jollibee where we (they) had breakfast and eventually we got home at around 4:30. My mom was already awake because she had an early flight to Cebu. Luckily she didn’t have many questions.

Hahaha. We so fly! I was soo tired that I woke up at 3 PM the next day! That sucks. I am a firm believer that sleep is a waste of time. 😦


Funny moment of the week:

My dichi, who does not follow UAAP at all, watched the game’s replay with me. The camera was focused on UE’s Coach Chongson’s hair when she said “Babae ang coach ng UE? Is that allowed?” Sister dear, you need to be educated. Hahaha.


Serious moment of the week:

Dear Mr Typhoon Peping (Pepeng?) / Parma,

Please don’t harm Bicol. I was only kidding when I said I was surprised that Ondoy didn’t hit Bicol which is often the target of storms. Please spare my non-replying Bicolano friends from any peril. I love you non-replying friends. 

P.S. Turns out, I had the wrong number.


Unbelievable moment of the week:

No finals for Ateneo? Damn it. It’s fine, it’s just that I already finished my finals. Sasha is really a big fat dork.



There are always other things. 🙂

5 responses to “WILD WILD CHILD

  1. OK LOL at your sister for thinking Chongson was female. But we have to admit, he has pretty shiny hair.

    And I want Jollibee hotdog breakfast./random

  2. I want Jollibee spaghetti! Yummy

  3. I want another spontaneous trip again. Let’s do it in the day. ‘wag naman gabi :))

  4. Hey, dear, I’m sorry to tell you but we knew there was a storm if we didn’t, we’d have braved the rain to watch the horses being exercised.. We wanted to see what it was like outside – and we saw E.Rod was flooded and we turned back. That night we wanted to see if it was still flooded, and it wasn’t – so we decided to have a merry old time in Shang mall instead LOL (It was 90% dead, by the way), but at least we got to eat dinner at a good resto. I can only be happy I didn’t have to eat my own cooking hahaha

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