What I love about Ondoy:

I normally hate rains, let alone typhoons, since it brings back so many horrible memories. But something about Ondoy is special.

1. The first time I’ve seen such collective efforts from nearly all sectors of the Ateneo community. I was really awed by that. Although I might have difficulty writing such a wide article.




2. It’s only in times like these when Richard Gutierrez would save the day to help the distressful mistress Christine Reyes. Apparently Gio Tingson was too busy handling the Ateneo relief operations.


3. It’s not everyday I get to help people. At least, me and a lot of students got to do something worthwhile for the community.


4. I had no signal and no internet for a couple of days. Liberating yet infuriating.


5. We got to dress Fiona up since she would be cold.





6. My sister showcased her newest hairstyle–she’s been wearing this for three days now. Face requested to be removed.

I’m calling it “The Chicken”


Selfishly, I am really glad that all my friends are okay… Hope everyone else is too!.


This blog is brought to you by: iced tea, Cheetos, and sheer kasabawan.

P.S. To everyone who asked:

Peyton is okay. His whole family was oblivious that a storm happened until yesterday. They were shopping last Saturday.

My grandma, aunt, uncle, cousin, and their maids all got down from the roof and are now safe.

The cat walking along Varsity Hills is dead.

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