Belly explosion + coffee cups

Today was… I don’t know. We found out that we lack one panelist for defense and if we don’t fill that empty slot, we won’t push through on Tuesday. I was talking to my horror film teacher, Andrew Ty, who is also a super media expert. He said he’ll see because he teaches in UP that time. Boo… I have my fingers crossed. I don’t want to prolong the agony. PRAY WITH ME.

I also attended Inquiry’s investigative journ seminar. Hmm…  thought he was a little biased… like all journalists. I liked how he said that objectivity is not an aim in journalism, I totally agree and even made this point very clear the first time I met my staffers.

Oh, my sister decided to have dinner out again. Haha. Second dinner out with my family… so extravagant… so fattening. I ate five slices of pizza plus nearly a half basket of mojos plus plus plus. So much for a bikini ready Sasha for evsem. 😦 BTW, I had such a wonderful one-on-one with Raymond today, I told him all my angst and I felt so much better haha. :0 Yay! Love openness. GUIDON is so full of love. Just like unicorns (if you don’t know me and you’re reading this, don’t think I’m weird. I am. But the unicorn thing is a private joke).

Achi and Peyton hung out in the house right after dinner. So much fun. We fooled around with the webcam.

Picture 008[1]


Picture 010[1]


Picture 012[1]

BTW, does anyone know Sir Jason Cabanes’ favorite coffee?

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