I am so sleepy

This stupid Atenean hell week month. My horrible academic load as well as extra-curricular stuff have been keeping me incredibly busy… but not busy enough to stay away from my wonderful blog. 

Any how, yesterday I had two long tests. Our adorable teacher, Sir Beaver, also returned our theses to us yesterday only to tell us that the DEFENSE-READY drafts are due tomorrow morning, ring-bound and triplicated. What’s worse, Sir forgot who our panelist is. Everyone else already knows theirs… I kept joking with sir that it takes time to research these panelists’ favorite food. Anyway, I’m glad though. I’m 90% sure that the super scary Prod Diva has class during our defense so she won’t be able to panel us. I love her, she’s a really brilliant person, but not for thesis. 

For some reason and for God’s grace, Je and I didn’t really have to alter so much. Just the format and a few clarifications here and there. Thanks to sheer will and kasabawan, we were able to finish everything before lunch! Hahaha… printing 120+ pages is another matter though. Doesn’t anyone realize that theses, tests, and papers are a waste of trees? Here we are constantly being badgered by the Ateneo Environmental Management Coalition (AEMC) when thousands of pages are being wasted on thesis alone!


Anyway, I’m sooo sleepy. I also managed to finish my final History paper today. I started it last night at around three worked nearly the entire afternoon. Just need to finish my half-baked lit final paper, revise my lit pre-final paper, and invent my philo paper then I’ll be set for sembreak.

Tata! Good for me, I have no class tomorrow. (P.S. I didn’t have class today either).



Philo talks are sooo boring. I had to attend one today. I was busy playing with Jason’s iPhone and trying to figure out how to cite using Turbanian (Turabian?) style. I think that’s what we used in high school but that was ages ago.

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